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Posted: October 23 2006 at 07:23 PM

  Abortion - Why ought it be up to the parents to determine the life of the child? Shouldn't the child be able to choose whether they want to live or not? Because it does not "look" like a human being yet, does not mean that it cannot or will not. At the moment of conception, very embryo or whatever the scientific term is for the joined state of a sperm and egg is filled with the potential to be at least be a human. I would argue that it is a human being at that moment, but the time for it to actualize into something more recognizeable has not yet been given. No baby can walk as soon as it is born; why do we allow it the time to actualize its potential to do so then, if walking on two legs is something a human being normall does? Why don't we allow the fetus to actualize its potential? Who are we to determine whether its life has meaning, or if society needs it?

Euthanasia - Its insane to fight for the "right" to die. The right to live makes sense - not everyone is allowed to live, as the abortion proves. But which human cannot die? Every human can, it is not a right. If we're going to allow people to kill themselves because they feel pain when they're terminally ill, why don't we allow anyone to kill themselves when they feel any pain? If pain is so bad, why don't we be killed at birth to avoid any pain at all? Where are we going to draw the line?
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