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Posted: April 23 2006 at 12:13 PM

It's NEVER EVER... dont even fucking try to convince me either... IT IS NOT how many fingers you can fit in. 2 is the most you should ever attempt. Any less they don't feel much as every girl can do 1. Anymore then 2 and you are pressuring muscles and is uncomfortable and somewhat sometimes painful for your girlfriend. DO NOT do this.

Now, alot of guys I know experiment with a girl to see what works best, but you never see a different reaction... this is what you do. I personally call this the "Frankies Sacred Hook" Ok.. i named it STFU. Pay attention.

As stated above, you use 2 fingers. Her G-SPOT is a spongy spot, located IN and UP. Access this and you have yourself a winner. Half anyways Now. both fingers together you should going in a consistent speed in and up, hookin upwards that is, and lightly brushing her G spot. This should be done with your index and middle fingers. (i find it easiest). With your thumb you should have it placed directly on her clitoris (the button as i call it). While you are going in for the hook, press down and up on her clit and keep the speed consisitent with your fingers so they work simotaenously. Also rubbing your thumb in a circular motion works as well, if you can do it, as it is hard to do 2 different types of motions with 1 hand. Do these in 15 second intervals quick speed, then slow it down for 15 seconds, but lightly brush your tongue on her clit during the slow intervals. Then stop and go back to fast. Dueing this will help her reach her climax and make her orgasm. Your girl will be in awe state of mind if you can perfect this. I have and trust me it works like a charm.

Alot of guys are ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE at this.. i've never met so many girls who are against it because there first time was absolutely horrible. Always have 2 fingers in, but don't focus on fingering her to much, just keep a slight circuluar motion going with both fingers on her clit, dont go in and out. Hold both her lips open and focus on her clit. NOT the whole.. quick licks for 10 seconds then 10 seconds of actually sucking on the clit will put her in a state of dream world aswell. perfect this and you got another orgasm on your hands. Easy to do, just perfect it. If you have a tongue ring like I do, you're in luck, throw on a spiky ball (tickler) and you've just upped the sensations.

It's sad to see a guy do this aswell ... You are not squeezing them like it's last grip before you fall off the cliff ... Not every spot of the tit feels as good. You need to pay attention to your girlfriends facial expressions. Most girls (not all) have a sensestive spot on the inner breast between both, and under the breast. NEVER bite the nipple? What are you thinking ? Lick in a circular motion then suck a little.. a little knaw wont hurt, just dont act like a cannibal. Rubbing her breast in a circular motion in either direction works, depending on which way she enjoys more. Once again, pay attention to her facial expressions.

This is self explanitory. Don't try it unless she expressed an interest.

Ok boys... this is where it counts... Never ask her if your dick is in her. If you can't tell the difference between air and warm pussy you need to stop what you're doing, pull up your pants and go home.

You need to find a consistent point of speed while fucking her, to slow may bore her, to fast may hurt her, ask her what she feels more comfortable with. Asking her this is ok, as it shows her you care about her feelings and what she is comfortable with. Ask her if she has any preferred positions... don't be embarrassed. Alot of girls don't like no top, some love on top, some hate doggy, some love it. Understand your partner. She will enjoy it more. Never force her into a position, if it isnt working, just ask her what she'd be more comfortable with then.

While in missionary... rub your thumb on her clit while fucking her, keep it as consistent speed as you're fucking, she will reach her climax MUCH quicker and enjoy it more. Trust me. Some girls might not be able to handle it, but that's ok, make her feel comfortable if possible.

During doggy if possible, make sure she lets you know how fast she likes it, it can hurt girls in some situations, and angle of your dick can make a difference. Just ask. Kissing her lower back while doggy can make her stimulate more. If you're a pro, you can finger her, lick her and fuck her at the same time. But don't get to ahead of yourself, you'll fall QUITE fast and she'll be right back to "wtf?"

When she's on top ... Not much you can do here.. just fucking enjoy this If she sucks.. help her by you doin some of the work.

Always go slow, going to fast can scare her, WILL hurt her definately and make her uncomfortable. Always make your girl feel safe, if need be, hold her close, never force her into anything, ask her if it feels good, understand her feelings at the time, she is new to this and will need support. It's alot easier said then done for new comers. Ask her if its ok to go on, she will respect you more later.

This is all I could think of right now, took me abou 45 min to think and write all of this. I hope you all enjoy and take it into consideration.

Sexual ED Session 1 is now over.
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Posted: April 23 2006 at 03:09 PM

  way too long
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Posted: April 23 2006 at 03:11 PM

  Quote: deadmarsh28
  way too long

I know wtf
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