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Posted: April 23 2006 at 12:10 PM

  k this is from gino-gina formus from this guy Frankie-lude ... readddd
This is part 3 of the GINA bible. We are focusing here on relationships, and what exactly you girls need to look out for. Good and bad. It's time to learn how to read a guy, and know what you want. THIS IS TOTALLY MADE FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP AND NOT A KIDDY BF/GF.

How do i know if he truly likes me and im not a piece of ass on the first week
Alot of girls ask this ... and it is a very very hard thing to tell the difference from. Every guy acts nice at first... right? Of course. Now this is how it works and you girls totally don't see this at first.

The man has his worm and hook ... and you are the fish .. You failed to inspect the guy thoroughly cause you're stupid and infatuated at first. So you bite the worm, and he gets you, brings you in, and you're his. Now i'm going to explain how to tell the difference between fake and real bait.

The first date.. should be 1 way and 1 way only... SPECIAL. Unfortunately don't expect more then a dinner and a movie. Cause that's all he should be doing. Anymore i'd be scared of his intentions. Any serious guy will be taking you out to a proper restaurant.. not MC donalds or burger king. Afterwards he should take you to a movie. HE SHOULD be paying for everything, if you HATE guys paying... suck it up. One time won't hurt you. Us guys find it VERY disrespectful when you get angry over paying for something when we do it for respect. If you can't accept what we do, you don't accept us. He if doesn't make the move to pay, he isn't worth it and has no class what so ever.

The first date he should NEVER try more then kissing you... If you guys are kissing it starts to heat up. IF his intentions are to respect you and you're decisions, he will ask you if its going to fast/far and what you are comfortable with. If he tries, his hormones took over.. but any CLASSY respectful guy will ask. Don't think he just wants in your pants.

What should I look for to prove he wants a relationship
The first date is the first phaze to this lengthy period. Besides take you out nice places and be respectful towards you sexually, look for many of the following:

A guy who wants a relationship will ask about your family, won't mind talking to your family. He will express an interest in havin a relationship with your family because it is important to his relationship with you and him aswell. He will want you to also be part of his family.

He won't care what others think of him, or you, or both of you together. He will take beef to be with you. He will always be there to protect you, and will usually tell you to stay away from the people who have beef. Any man who cares about you.. will NEVER promote havin beef, but avoid it as a whole.

He will never be on the phone with his friends when he's with you. IF he is, he doesn't care much. if his friends call, he'll see what they need and express that he's with you and will call em later. The only girls that should be calling is his mother or sister. Or his very very very close friend, who should know he's with you already. And you should know who she is.

He will always express an interest in coming to see you. If he drives, he will NEVER make you take the bus or subway to come to his house. If he has the option to come get you, he will.

He will go out of his way to do special things, bring you flowers unexpectdly for no special occasion. He will come to your house when you are not feeling well even if its early morning or late night to see if you are ok and need anything.

He will leave work early if you are in trouble or really sick. You will be #1 priority in his life besides his family.

What does he mean when he says or does these...
This is the funniest shit... so many girls are caught up in lies by men these days its ridiculous. here

1. I love you.. but you cant talk to this guy or that guy.
-If the guy is just a friend whom isn't causing anything harm, your boyfriend should NEVER tell you who to talk to, or not to talk to, unless you are in danger, or is going to cause problems for you. That is NOT love, it's controlling. If he does this, end it.

2. When he doesn't show up somewhere and he isn't picking up his phone
- If he says his phone died, he's lying. it was off. If he says there was an emergency and didnt have his phone he is also lying. In emergencies, cell phones are your best friends. He made other plans and ditched you.

3. When he is hestitant about telling you where he was or who he was with. Or says next to nothing.
- If he has NOTHING to hide he will tell you exactly who he was with, girl or guy, and describe everything he did. If he is like "yo why u care for" .. he's hiding something.

4. "I love you... but i dunno wut to do.. we are havin lots of probs"
- He wants to break up but can't bring himself to do it. He's trying to be nice about it. Just break it off. Cause its going to end.

What if I hear stories and KNOW he is/was a player
Every guy can be a player. Every guy can be loyal to someone. if you've heard stories about your man, how he cheats, players and does alot of shit to girls. It's probably true...if you hear it alot. Just ask your bf.. but be nice. If you are rude.. and assume we get mad, and will do the same to you. Cause if you won't give us a chance we won't care.

Every guy who truly wants to be with you will ADMIT to every cheating/playing he's done and willl explain why you are different. (you can tell if he's just bullshitting about why ur different)

I have cheated/lied/played many times... i've also been loyal. If a guy cheats its not cause he hates you.. or just wants ass. It's cause he doesn't TRULY like you... anyone you truly like you will be loyal to. in 2 years ive met countless amount of girls. Only 2 girls ive truly liked and been there for... If he likes you.. he will show you and tell his friends about you and tell them what he has done for you. His friends will notice a change in him positivately and tell you. It's something you just know.

Always take what your friends have to say into consideration, just don't base your BF off of that. Always give him a chance... but don't get to attached until you KNOW your boyfriend better then he knows himself.

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