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Posted: October 17 2006 at 08:54 AM

  Canada committed more troops per capita than any other country involved in World War 1. A country this small in size has no choice, when it comes time to defend it's borders.

The conscription would take place regardless in the event of World War 3.

A) To support Allied Nations


B) If Canada opted to no get involved, they would be forever segregated from the United States, and the U.S. would no longer be our Big Brother. Canada would be on it's own for it's own security interests. From the threat of American invasion, or from a likely Pacific Nation.

Canada produces more grain than we can legally export, and farmers out west burn metric tonnes annually, just to get rid of it all. There have been stories that made the news one night, and then were never herd of again, but for issues yet to be properly defined, Canada isn't allowed to export our excess to the Third World.

Canada also holds about 25 percent of the World's fresh water. That is more than 30 times as much fresh water available to each of its citizens as China.

By 2030, China alone would need an extra 200 million tons of grain per year, an amount equal to the export capacity of the entire world in 1997!

In Jean Chretien's farewell speech, he was proud to report that Canada has more oil than Saudi Arabia, it just has to be developed.

United Nations reports tell us, that our oceans, once deemed vast beyond human consumption, are now 90 percent fished-out.

Canada therefore, is 5th for Wheat(I think),Number 1 for fresh Water, and if you include non-developed resources, Number 1 for Oil!

Corporate Globalization, a system aimed at short-term profit over long-term consequences, runs a going-out-of-business sale of the Earth's resources.

Something the Canadian people should really think about, in terms of security. Not worrying about some Arab radical with a shoe bomb, who only plans to kill 30 people at Tim Hortons. They should be worrying about defending our borders, and expanding our millitary to protect the freedom we as Canadians take for granted.

Canada will have conscription within a few years, we have no other choice.( See post on WW3 Storyline )
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Posted: October 17 2006 at 01:27 PM

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