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tmeet - Forum - Do You Think Harper Will Lose Votes For Backing Isreal?
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Posted: August 08 2006 at 09:32 PM

  I don't.

I think the pro Isreal forces in this country are greater then the anti Isreal forces.
I also know that Harper will take a stand based off his conviction(s) and not neccesarily what poll numbers might be telling him.
Thats a sign of a strong leader and is completely opposite of Dithers flip flopping based on poll numbers.
It also shows Harper is not using this as a way to get votes. If he was, he would have been in attendence.
I bet his counter parts who were previously in power would have been there shaking hands for the cameras soaking it up.

As for me personally, I am with these people, Isreal has my support.
I might add, having a man like MacKenzie speak on the subject and talk about Hezzbollah being a terrorist organization speaks volumes.
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Posted: August 09 2006 at 02:42 AM

  you my friend are a friggen genius...much appreciated ...harper is one man who atleast speaks his mind in politics as does blair and even bush in this case...israel is retaliating doenst have to be measured when you're dealing with unmeasured circumstances...especially when your enemy is over a billion strong
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