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Posted: July 06 2006 at 03:02 PM

  Italy last won the world cup in 82 when a scandal occured. A scandal is happening in Italy in 2006

Tied Switzerland 1-1 before the 82 world cup..tied Switzerland 1-1 before 06 world cup

since 1970 they've made the finals every 12 years. 70, 82, 94, 06

Group play in 82 had an african team, europe team, north american team..same in 06

2004 Olympics = Greece 2004 Euro Champions = Greece
2006 Olympics = Italy 2006 World Cup Champions = Italy???

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Posted: July 06 2006 at 11:27 PM

  haha...i usually don't think in coincidences - everything happens for a reason...but this..i don't know...maybe it will be an exception... and they won't win...or...since i don't care anymore...maybe this a sign...and they will win...good for them what else can i say...
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Posted: July 07 2006 at 12:29 AM

  wooo hoooo
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Posted: July 07 2006 at 03:07 AM

  History Is Repeating itslef!!!
oooo spooooky lol
yeah....everyone KNOWS italy is gonna win lol
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Posted: July 07 2006 at 03:13 AM

  I dont liek frnech ppl but can t help but realize that FRANCE IS BETTER...... more experianced more talent and lets face it have the best player at thsi world cup ZI ZI u know who that is... ITaly well lets face it alot of luck and good cardio goes a logn way but i think the tanks will run dry against FRANCE.... i hope .... hah lots of money on it VIVA LA FRANCE
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