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  -" Even if you were to deny every thing I've posted, The bible is a testimony of past Israeli genocide. You can't deny that can you?"
*I've already given my proof for it not being genocide. It was Divine revelation, God told them to do it(taking the Bible to be true). See above posting for details.

-"They didn't fight for their new Israel, the United Nations stole it from the Palestinians, and handed it over to the Jews."
*Finders keepers doesn't apply here, Whisky. Land that belongs to the Jews was rightfully handed over. I'll show that you're wrong after the next point.

-"I will jump on my pig that can fly, and go to Jeruselem when you post a source that claims Jews in 1948 faught and died to create Israel."
*There's no need for a source here. Everyone knows they died in World War II, are you denying they died? Besides that, there was no way they could have fought to create Israel. They had no state, remember? There was no Israel, they were a displaced people. Civilians usually can't form armies to go against the blitzkrieg and evict Arabs from their land.

-" Since when are people jealous of Jewish sucess? How did they suceed, the world still hates them?"
*People like Hitler were jealous of Jewish success, and insofar as to feel so threatened at their dominance of the German economy as to smash the windows of their shops and force boycotts.

*Jews have a certain measure of success in their fields of work and business. People still "hate" them (more and more evidently Whisky is one of these people) because of their success in fields that others are not so successful in. The fact that some are rich is of no consequence. You can hate any decent American politician for that. As for the Mercedes Benz, they've earned it, through education (they have extensive knowledge of their own religion, hence they are better in school) and hard work.

*The longer response given by Whisky may contain some truth, but it really doesn't relate much to the fact they deserve a homeland. They deal mostly with hazy consipracy theories and terrorist speculation. The fact remains the Jewish people have rightfully occupied their homeland based on my previous discussion.Corrupt governments and scandals happen everywhere, not just Israel and the US. [/b]

This is my last reply to your pathetic attempts to be a proud Jew.

According to you, Jews faught for Israel during WW2? Are you falking as retarded as you look? (Penis with ears)?


So what do you call Auschwitz? It was a Jewish Etermination Camp that had Jewish bodies on top of each other burning, in pits bigger than 10 footballs fields. Most of the other Jews were hiding in Europe, tried to take refuge anywhere they could.

Trying to say Jews faught for Israel during the second world war, would be denying the holocaust. Dumbass kid.[/b]