The truth about 911 is as follows.

In order to maintain its prestigious status as a world superpower, the United States of America must adhere to the following.

No powerful empire shall emerge that could challenge the American global reach, militarily and politically. Especially an empire that could control Eurasia.

He who controls Eurasia, controls the world, explained Zbigniew Brzezinski in his 1998 book, The Grand Chessboard. It outlined the global-zone of percolating violence, and exposed America's hit list of countries to invade to maintain global supremacy.

"It is noteworthy that as recently as 1940 two aspirants to global power, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, agreed explicitly (in the secret negotiations of November of that year) that America should be excluded from Eurasia. Each realized that the injection of American power into Eurasia would preclude his ambitions regarding global domination. Each shared the assumption that Eurasia is the center of the world and that he who controls Eurasia controls the world. A half century later, the issue has been redefined: will America's primacy in Eurasia endure, and to what ends might it be applied?"

-Zbigniew Brzezinski
Washington, D.C.
April 1997

In order to achieve this goal, they would have to get the American People to back their envisioned wars. When the Northwoods Document came to President Kennedy's attention, he was not amused. The Northwoods Documents proposed blowing up American airliners full of Americans, to get the American people behind a war with Cuba. Kennedy immediately knew there was something drastically wrong with his country, started signing documents to reduce government power, and was subsequently assassinated in 1963.

German storm troopers in 1933, historical documents now show, burnt down the Reichstag(Parliament Building) and blamed it on the communist party. The Nazi's used this terrorism on their own population, to bring in a dictatorship.

The current Republican Government is using an updated version of the Nazi's Tactical Book.

After the Nazi's found their terrorist Patsy, they conducted a Series of Arrests, their Legislature then Passes a Series of Acts, which restrict the Civil Liberties of their Populace, and a Series of Legislation creating a new Security Office, who's primary Objective is to Protect the Fatherland from Terrorists

This precise thing, has happened in America almost word for word. Except the American Government didn't have to create their own terrorism, they already had a CIA trained terrorist, named Osama Bin Laden.

Bin Laden was used as a tool in 911, and is not the mastermind the U.S. claims him to be. The Bin Ladens and the Bush family have been in the Oil business for years, but it was only recently when pipeline negotiations went sour, that the two parties became rivals. This now created a chance to use Bin Laden, to advance their agenda.

It is a default military setting, that when a commercial airliner goes offcorse, or looses radio contact for more than 10 minutes, fighter jets go into scramble.

Both of which happened on 911, but there was no scramble even after 40 minutes. There have had to of been an order to stand down on the morning of 911, executed by someone in a high chain of command.

The American Government now had the terrorism they needed, to pursue this global conquest, and domestic tyrannical rule.

Early as September 12, the American Government announced the 19 Arab terrorists behind 911, along their pictures. Inconceivable when on 911 they were totally shocked of how this could of happened, or who could of pulled it off.

They would start this conquest in Afghanistan first, to destroy the evidence.